Fruit Day

Our Partner school in Pakistan (OPF public school) initiated a "Fruit day", they shared experiences, results and views of children about this initiative. Teachers did their best to organize such a meaningful day & conveyed the message & benefits of eating healthy food, especially the benefits of eating Fruit. Project was managed collectively by the … Continue reading Fruit Day

Climate Change

Klicken Sie bitte hier für Deutsch The Project of our Partner School OPF Public School Sialkot in Pakistan. The students were motivated and involved with the topic of climate change and its effect on our Planet, they worked in teams and developed different projects and posters, to promote the sensitiveness about this topic among other … Continue reading Climate Change

Awareness-day about Children, living in Kashmir.

klicken Sie bitte hier für Deutsch Awareness day about Children, living in Kashmir There is no duty more important than ensuring, that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and war and that they can grow up in peace. Children do not constitute anyone's property : … Continue reading Awareness-day about Children, living in Kashmir.