Helping Humanity

My Aim is to contribute in a positive change, together we can achieve that change.

Naila Ur-Rehman

My Name is Naila Ur-Rehman, I live in Denmark , have done M.ed ( Master of Education) from my motherland , Pakistan.

I am one of the leading force (General Secretary) in a nonprofit Charity Organisation named “Helping Humanity” as a volunteer. We are active in the filed of Education and health.

Our main goal is to contribute to make a positive change in the lives of the children in need, especially slum areas. I want to get the maximum out of my educational experience. That was one of the reasons why I visited the slum area in Pakistan few months back, where I got the opportunity to meet those children and spend time with them.

Luckily I found out so many of their dreams and fantasies they have for themselves and for their future. I realized how important our work is. I left the slum with heavy heart but also felt proud of our work because their dreams and future would be more distant if the Organization would not help. How would they fulfill their dreams without the resources, money and moral support !?

I think we must contribute to help our less fortunate part of society through support and understanding. I believe, if underprivileged children receives support from the more privileged then more of the Pakistani children would reach a level of comfort and safety , this will help them on their way to a successful and satisfied life. There will be no difference between privileged and underprivileged.

The Children who we are helping may see us as Heros but what they don’t know is that in actual they are Our future and the real Heros.

Naila Ur-Rehman

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