Climate Change

The Project of our Partner School OPF Public School Sialkot in Pakistan. The students were motivated and involved with the topic of climate change and its effect on our Planet, they worked in teams and developed different projects and posters, to promote the sensitiveness about this topic among other students & shared their ideas with our Organisation SHAHEEN International e.V. Young people are making themselves heard on the big global issues that matter to them. The Environment is top of the list for students wanting to make a difference to the world around them. To help you support positive action towards Climate Change in your school, here’s a round-up of educational classroom resources to help your students act now to protect the planet.

You can also discover the inspirational stories of schools working together around the world on the climate issues impacting their life, both close to home and further afield. All materials and activities support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on Climate Change. Click here for more information. Britishcouncil.Org – Project Managed by : Chand Seema & Shobina KausarApril 2020

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