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What concerns children, concerns humanity!

For all the children and young people who are reading this – never let anyone make you feel that you are not important. Because it’s entirely up to you to be exactly what you want to be! I am convinced that this journey together will make it clear to us what we can achieve and master together.

Have no fear, focus on your dreams & goals, be determined and hopeful. Take part and strengthen your own skills through education.

And then go out into the world, use education to build a sustainable future. Because you are the future!

we are Important

Our common goals:

Individual Attention

Use of compliance and strengthening of children’s rights. Awareness and protection against exploitation, violence & abuse. Educational work and information work on the life situations of the children and goals that have already been achieved together with the cooperation of different Institutions, Organizations and Schools.


Charitable purposes are pursued in particular by supporting the fundamental rights to survival, protection, development, education and participation. Support of institutions and organizations for children and women.


The child’s right to have a say and to participate is a fundamental principle of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article 12 states that every child has the right to express his or her opinion freely on all matters affecting the child, and we are committed to ensuring that children and young people find the legal framework so that they can be heard, involved and taken serious.

As parents or teachers, it is our duty to educate everyone, especially our children about CHILD RIGHTS. In this way we strengthen our children and at the same time protect them from any form of abuse.

Our personal message to parents is to be involved in your children’s lives, not only when everything is easy and comfortable and our children are doing everything right, but also when it’s chaotic or doesn’t work out well and there is ingratitude, because exactly at that times our children needs us the most.

Children’s rights are important. As parents, we are responsible for turning our children into self-confident and responsible human beings with empathy and understanding, so that they can later pass on the knowledge they have learned, to others.

In order to achieve these goals, our children need to get education, attention, understanding and compassion, but also resources. Children’s rights and access to education are not observed everywhere the same on this planet. School are one of the best and most important places where a child can develop. Make it possible for your children and the children in other countries to have an education, this is the basic right of a child.

Balance after 30 years of the Child Rights

30 years after the introduction of children’s rights, the situation of many children in the world has improved: For example, the under-five mortality rate fell by 59 percent from 1990 to 2018, and developmental disorders due to malnutrition have fallen by 33 percent since 2000 and the frequency of child labor has halved.

We have achieved a lot together, but the situation is still not good enough, because all children in the world should be able to enjoy a carefree childhood with education. This is far from being the case, because:

37 Million

In 2017, 37 million underage girls were married worldwide.


The number of child soldiers has increased by 159 percent worldwide since 2012


Every third child under the age of 5 suffers from malnutrition.

What the experts & parents say:

Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. They must have the right to live in a world in which they can reach their full potential.

Sabine Walter
Qualified pedagogue – alternative practitioner for psychotherapy – dance therapist BTD – leadership coach.

Small hands … need security, love and support. Small heads … need imagination, stories and knowledge. Little bellies … food, warmth and peace! I want a world in which our children can wake up without fear! We have to fight for it together! For the children of our world!

Anja Linke
Proffesional photographer – Proud Mother & Co-founder of the Organization SHAHEEN International e.V.

Join us

There are numerous examples of what is possible when the children are loved, encouraged, and heard by those around them and those who set out to make this world a little bit better.

We need the support of you as a donor, partner or member, together for our children and for the better future of other children.

About Us

We are team SHAHEEN International e.V. Germany, our vision is to create this world better place for children, where every child can live a life with protection, development, education and participation.



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