Awareness-day about Children, living in Kashmir.

Awareness day about Children, living in Kashmir

There is no duty more important than ensuring, that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and war and that they can grow up in peace. Children do not constitute anyone’s property : they are neither the property of their parents nor even of society or government. Kashmir Solidarity day was a reminder for us all to understand how important it is, to explain children about the rights they have from the day of their birth; educate the children about the importance of their rights.

Our partner – OPF Public School Sialkot, initiated Solidarity day & discussed about the basic rights about children & stood for those in solidarity who unfortunately are lacking such basic rights. For the Children in Kashmir, It never really ends… Children surviving through the cold winds of neglect, and all kind of misfortune and vile treatment. Their parents see them everyday, with broken smiles that endure the painful kicking of their malnourished bellies protruded with dreams that may never see the light of conception …

“It is in the interest of all humanity to act right” help us by spreading the knowledge about child rights in the interest of our children, in the interest of our future.

Jawaria Kanwal Chaudhary CEO SHAHEEN International e.V.

Project managed by : Madam Sameena & Madam Shobina May 2020

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