#Protect OUR generation.


I feel it’s very important to speak out here, so many Parents are worried about the current situation inclusive myself, mental health, quality education of our children is one of the most important priorities of us all.

I am self teaching my child at home for almost 50 days, this experience is very intensive but our current situation is also teaching me that Corona is affecting more than just our health, it’s affecting our mental health by keeping the children out of schools, all over the world.

we cannot let the children lose their right to learn. we must redouble our efforts to facilitate the children all over the world to get their right back. Not only for those children who have had already access to education before corona but also to those who have been never so privileged like our children were and are.

when I took the charge of our Organisation few months back, I was talking about children in “SOS” situation , about making education reachable and affordable for the children everywhere on this planet but today I am talking about all, the privileged ones and those who are fighting for their basic rights.

The mental health of children is a fair worry, this has to be a combined effort of us all as responsible human beings and responsible Parents to speak out for their Rights.

Let our children & young people know that they matter, they belong to us all, they are our future!

we parents should not only participate in our children’s lives when it is comfortable and easy and they do everything right, but when it’s difficult because at that time they need us the most !!!


I call on leaders and decision makers globally to #protectOURgeneration !

2 thoughts on “#Protect OUR generation.

  1. Thanks for highlighting a very important issue. The children are too innocent and are suffering extreme effects of lockdown as houses have become like prisons for kids. Above all are the mental effects.
    They need special care and attention of parents.
    These are tough times but soon these times will be history and good days will come.
    Dear parents, just hold on and stay strong!

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